Fruitcake Baklava

Fruitcake Baklava 21

I joined Daring Bakers. If you haven’t heard of Daring Bakers, it’s an online baking club where the members bake a new recipe each month. This month is baklava. I made mine with candied fruit and toasted nuts, similar to a fruitcake — and I learned you have to be a bit of a fruitcake to make baklava from scratch.

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Blueberry Cupcakes With Hi Hat Ice Cream Tops

Blueberry cupcake with ice cream, take one
Remember the Smurfs? These cupcakes, like the Smurfs, are blue and small with white hats. Infused with blueberries, baked in miniature muffin cups and topped with vanilla ice cream, they are quite “smurftastic.”
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Marshmallow Chick S’mores

Peep on shell nest, take four
Spring turned into summer quickly this year. One minute I am planning Easter dinner, and the next I am enjoying a summer cookout. For my first cookout of the season, I made marshmallow chick s’mores, which I also have dubbed “Peeps® in Shells.”

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