Ada’s Apricot Pie


Ada was Ken’s great great grandmother, and she is fondly remembered for her love of pies. This pie recipe of Ada’s was given to me by Ken’s mom, in a family recipe book she created for me several Christmases ago. I was still learning to cook and bake at the time, and remember vividly how intimidated I felt when I first read one of the pie recipes in this book. The first step was simply, “Make pie crust,” with no instructions as to how. I had no clue where to start.

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Cinnamon Apple Galette with Caramel Topping


What do you when you have a bag of apples, a craving for apple pie, and no pie pan? You make a galette! This simple, rustic dessert is the perfect treat in the fall when apples are in season. It also comes in handy when you are on vacation, and you don’t have access to a pie pan.

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Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake With Cinnamon Pudding Filling


Nothing says happy birthday better than a cake baked from scratch. For my dad’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, I decided to make him this two-layer chocolate cake with a cinnamon pudding filling.
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Cherry Orange Mini Cheesecakes

Now you can eat an entire cheesecake and not feel guilty. Make these mini cherry orange cheesecakes baked in muffin tins for portion control! There is just one problem with this recipe though. The creamy cheesecake and sweet/tart cherry orange topping are so delicious, it is hard to stop with just one.
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White House Cookbook Apple Dumplings


These apple dumplings are like an apple pie and a cinnamon roll rolled into one, and are perfect for breakfast or dessert. Plus the recipe is from the White House Cookbook, so it’s fit for serving to distinguished dinner guests – from presidents to your friends and family.

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